One hell of a life
2003-01-21 09:40:30 (UTC)

1-21-03 entry thirty three

Okay, no more depressive Kam. At least not right
this moment, anyway. I get so emotional and "descriptive"
when I'm's almost like I'm on a drug...I
don't remember being so downcast and writing all that, but
then I'm reading it and I'm like, "was I the person who
wrote this poetic crap?"
Well, ha, yeah it is. I get like that. Whenever something
goes wrong. It's like I'm constantly emotionally charged.

Today was another boring day. Yesterday we went on the art
trip and saw Zander. Mr. Collete's son. He's not bad
looking, but he doesn't talk anywhere near as much as he
does on MSN.

Oh crap. I need a scientific calculator for tomorrow's math
exam. I need to find my bloody fucking biology book. I need
to hide my report card when I get it.

I swear too much.