The Chronicles of My Life
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2001-09-13 20:40:19 (UTC)


Well, I survived another day off school. Good thing
tomorrow is Friday. I'm wiped out. Not much is going on
today. The big catastrophe in New York is finally starting
to leave my life. The last two days it has been
everywhere. Every tv station, on the radio, in the papers,
hallway gossip... everywhere. Frankly, I'm getting sick of
it. The only thing I can do to get my mind off of it is
read. Go figure the book I'm reading has to do with
international wars and fuel shortages. I was going to read
Debt of Honor before Red STorm Rising. Thank goodness I
didn't. Reading about a plane crashing into Capital Hill
while trying to get my mind off of what's happening would
be bad.
They're not going to let us vote for class officers for
another week yet. Yuck. I can't wait that long. There
are 15 poeple signed up, but it's really only a fight for
the treasurer spot. Cali will be president. NO doubt. IF
Mike runs, he'll be secratary. Again, no doubt. Krystal
will get the third spot if mike runs. If he doesn't,
she'll be secratary. I'ts nothing but a popularity
contest. How pathetic. I don't know why i feel like
babling on like this. Guess i just have to let it all
out. Sorry to any of you who may happen to read this. I
know it's boring, for a lack of anything exciting in my