D-RoCk's Memoirs
2003-01-21 08:50:12 (UTC)

My 1sT EnTrY

Well this is my first entry in my journal. Probually not
going to be very interstring. I promised myself that i was
going to study like mad today since i had a three day
weekend, & its 12:44PM right now on a monday night & I
haven't even opeaned my book. Awsome. I played roller
hockey with a few buddies today for the 1st time in like 8
years. It was hella tight. I even scored a goal.
Although it was my 1st & last one too for the day. Other
then that nothing just seemed liked a sunday to me. All i
did was just sit at home & vegg out all day. Anyway i
really got ot get to bed or i wont wake up tomorrow morning.

A.K.A. D-RoCk