Cosmic Rain
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2003-01-21 08:08:49 (UTC)

windmills of my mind


Sometimes I wished this place allowed html. I want to put up a
picture of a pussy. So bother bother bother I have to find some place
else for it.

Believe..funny take away the two front and end letters and you are
left with "lie" how exciting Kimberly.

I bought Cat a windmill for her birthday. I also bought Sue one.
Being the garden person she is and likes little ornaments in her
garden I thought the windmill would be perfect. Cat on the other hand
I don't know why I decided to other than she has a new back decking
and wanted some things for it, so I bought her a windmill. And
knowing Sue would see it and secretly want one too, I bought her one
for her March birthday. Then when I showed the folks what I bought
for Cat and Sue, Dad's eyes lit up and Mum looked. Ooooops..Mum
thought we had bought it for her, because she's always wanted a
windmill for the back of the block, which I didn't actually realise.
But a BIG one. The ones I bought only stand at 120cms, which I think
is quite cute. Would look not too bad in our yard too, but the grass
would grow taller and we'd never see it. I'm also making some drink
coasters for Cat and Bryan out of some of the remaining wood Dad used
to make their wine rack. That will happen once Mat finds my peices of
wood that he lost. Grrrrrr!

I found an old Jenny Sherwaffle I had started to write, but never
finished. I tried to finish it today, but the inspiration is totally
lacking. But part of it freaked me out. It's been soooo long since
the basis behind it had been talked about.

Jenny: Excuse me...Excuse me...Hello, you hoo..Over there..You look
fairly normal.May I ask you a few questions??
Freak: Do you have a schwermer??
Jenny: Pardon, what's a schwermer??? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have
one anyway. Do I look like a transvestite or something? It sounds
Freak: Like duh, they are a kebab, just in this state they are called
schwermers. Hey do ya know what an ecilop is??
Jenny: A Kebab spelt backwards??
Freak: *stupid look* Duhhh police spelt backwards. You're more nuts
than me. *runs off chanting*. What lady, i don't know that lady.
Never seen her in my life.

Sheesh..what a loser that guy was and still is.

Anyway I need to get some foodies and very soon watch "Life As A
House" I heard I might need tissues. So see how I go..