CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-09-13 20:31:19 (UTC)

BaNd!!! SuCkS!

Nothing happened today besides school!I'm supposed to be
going somewhere with Ben and Alan and Gary and everone and
tomorrow were gunna say were doing something with them but
I really have no idea what were doing. Something that
involves Maria and Calder. But I dunno?? So I guess I have
2 find out whats going on tonight. Me and Mark had a big
actually it wasnt that big but we talked in Science and He
said hes not getting his lisence till next month because u
have 2 have it for 6 months and so he has to wait one more.
Then hes gunna get a job over at Best Buy and get me like
anything I want 4 1/2 off.Sweet huh?!?! Band sucks total
dick this one girl fuckin was a little tattle tale because
when we were playing some song we didnt have out music and
I know if I told Mr.Grinert he would be all bitchy. So we
just sat there the whole song acting like we were playing
something. 1 our music was gone from our folder so we didnt
have it 2 begin with and someone took my folder or it
vanished into thin air 1 of the 2. So after class this
fuckin Erica Bitch tell on us. And so after class Mr.dumb
ass is.....UUHHHHH!! I just hate him soo much!So hopeflly
by next week I'll be out of that class! Hopefully. And Sara
is having lots of problems because her ex boyfriend she
thinks fucked this Kendal girl. I cant take a side even
though I've been friends with Sara longer I'm also friends
with Carl sorta and he said him and Kendal didnt do
anything and I dont wanna take a side! So I dunno life is
screwy! On the bus today Michael goes I have a boner! and Jamie goes
I get boners all the time! So I mean I dont hide it or anything what
are they gunna do about it give u ISS cuz u have a boner! It was
hallaious. I'm talkin to Ben now 2. Everyone wants 2 go to some
haunted house in KC till 10 or 11. I wanna go I just hope my dad will
give me the money.! Fun fun!