2003-01-21 05:55:31 (UTC)

Been working hard...

So as of last night I decided to start my very own
webpage....How exciting. And since I started I havent
gotten it out of my head. I am addicted...I even dreamt
about it....How sad am I?

Other then my webpage taking over my life...I have to say
that nothing really new has happened lately. I met a
couple of hotties today at work...they were from
Newfoundland...We chatted for a while...

Louise invited me to her house for dinner tomorrow....She
is the sports/seasonal manager from work.....who kind of
annoys me, but hey lately I feel like I have no friends or
a life...so I took her up on it. Always need something new
going on...

So yea anyways..thats all for now....check out my website..

Let me know if you have any ideas.....I wanna keep putting
more stuff....

Chow for now..

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