skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-01-21 05:35:10 (UTC)


Hello it is 1/20/03.
Well my name is jesse and I go to Whittier high. I am a
member of the wrestling team and I am the sports Editor for
the school newspaper. I am currently in the 11th grade and
My school is ok. From time to time i realize things and
today i realized that i really like someone. The only
problem is that she hates me and she likes other people. My
friend Adrianna is telling me to not like her and i try to
listen but i cant help it. I tend to think about her when
im running up hadley and i see this certain view and it
reminds me of her. She is the sun the moon and the stars.
You can say that im girl crazy cause I also like other
people but she is the main one. Why does it have to be her
she causes me so much pain. My friend franco knows my
saying F.D. haha.

I wish you loved me all the same.