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2003-01-21 05:29:47 (UTC)

Poker sucks me dry

This weekend was a fun one, a nice three day weekend... on
friday we all got together and went scootering downtown
and thne around east beach, me and nels and dean cruised
along the streets busting tricks and shit, it was fun.
after that we went to johnnys, smoked cigars and played
poker and watched rounders, then we fell asleep there. the
next morning i get up and go home and sit there a lot of
the day and then at nighttime have the guys over and we
FINALLY WATCH THE VIDEO!!! its sooo sick!!! i love it. i
looks so professional and we were amazed. after that we
went to monte vista, scootered for a bit and had a long
talk about religion, it wasnt that good...but after we
went ice blocking at the la cumbre golf course which was
fun. after that went home and next day
(sunday) i went to ryans and we met up with these girls
and went to CPK with them. It was cool, we had some good
times. now today sucked...well, the first part was
alright, i went to colenes house to work on the project,
met up with sherissa, then came home and she said the
video, then tyler came over, we did the porject about
drugs, thne tonight we had the poker fest and i lost 12
BUCKS!! 12 FUCKING BUCKS!! damn...i gotta know when to

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