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2001-09-13 20:04:03 (UTC)

Just my luck

Ok, so I was in a cranky mood last night and it's still
basically the same today. I got maybe three hours sleep if I
am lucky and then woke up to discover that the power had
been off. Thank God I didn't have school this morning but I
thought I'd better wake my roommate up in case she didn't
know the power was off. So then I try to get back to sleep
and the banes of my existence, the oh-so lovely pigeons show
up right on my window sill. So happy was I not. My stomach
was sore sore sore and my heart still hurt. But I couldn't
go back to sleep anyways so I decided that I would just get
up and go to school and get some stuff done at the
Registrar's Office. Well who gets on the bus halfway there
and sits down beside me wearing, of all things, peach
perfume? The despised and dreaded Evil E. That was sooooo
not what I needed this morning. I'm running on maybe 3 hours
sleep and I miss S and I'm still cranky about the whole
thing about them rescheduling the game for Saturday. So
basically one of the last people I want to see today is his
ex-girlfriend who I loathe let alone have her sit down
beside me on the bus. But I honestly don't think she even
remembers me because she never so much as glanced my way. In
all honesty I think under any other circumstances she
probably wouldn't even remember him however being the little
gold digger that she is, I'm sure she does. K, so that
wasn't a pleasant start to the day. Then I go to the
Registrar's Office and get my stuff done fairly quickly yet
still somehow manage to miss the bus. The bus system in this
city is whacked I swear! So I have to wait a whole other
half an hour for the bus and for some reason it's freezing
outside and I don't have a coat. No, I bring my coat on the
days it's like 40 Degrees celcius but not when it's 40
below. Makes sense to me! Then I have to go to the bank to
take my student loan papers in and you would swear they were
clueless in that place- it took me 15 minutes just to DROP
OFF bloody papers. AAAAAAHHHH!! And once again Passions was
pre-empted due to the terrorist activities. I need my escape
from reality soon. I just want to sit back and watch Timmy
and laugh. Oh yeah and the v key on my keyboard is still
bloody well ticking me off. Although it's working much
better than yesterday, you still have to tap it several
times sometimes in order for it to work. It's a pain in the
butt if you ask me. Ok, I'm through bitching and moaning

Current mood: icky
Current music: none

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