.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-09-13 20:00:44 (UTC)

have you scene this?

Did you ever read that beginning part of Anne Frank when
she talks about what she gets for her birthday, it doesnt
seem like much, but theres a war going on and all, so i
thought about that a few moments ago, how soon enough
things will be different, i dont even kno if i still want
to do shows, well of course i do, but can i? im not trying
to over dramatize, but be serious, things wont be the same
for a long time. and yet my minds been some where else for
the past 42 hours. ive been sad of course, but soo my
mind drifted to the Crews of DE, god, they frustrate me,
but whatcha gonna do, its like stay quiet about it or they
will hate you, and you kno what that means, well i do at
least, i kno, threats, destruction, anger, fighting, fear,
intimidation, retaliation, excetera, it seems everone here
has just come to accept what they bring.

so i thought about a non-aggresive, pacificial way of
retaliation, so i came up with "The Heart-Core Crew" us
girls of kennett (startletta and the rest) are going to
have a crew our self, we are going to use the heart-core
sign for our logo (x inside a heart) make some stickers,
maybe even soem t shirts, we're gonna do the same thigns
they do, just make it lame, like we'll do their hardcore
dances, but be nice about it, we'll tag in chalk and
pretend we're tough, pick fights, and argue, maybe for once
they will realize their stupidity and the unnessecerity for
chaotic and anti-pop gangs in the scene, its dumb and
everyone hates them... cough cough :: you kno who you are::
cough cough.

school was decnt, i guess, weird as its been, im hungry
now, i'll grab a snack before i babysit (Grr) dont ask,
(read last posts about "emily") jease, last time, really,
this is it, i wanted to go to jono's house today and hang
in his room, ive heard its awesome, and christine asked me
to smoke up, i cant rally babysit high, now can i, yeah im
signin off.

i need to post ebay auctions for this boy, i promised, i
dont want to forget, later