The First 9 Months of Our Lives
2001-09-13 19:58:47 (UTC)

About Nostradamus' Prediction I mentioned earlier

Like I said, I was going to look up the exact text that
Nostradamus wrote---and I have found that who ever put that
e-mail together--had to be really desperate to come up with
something. I couldn't even find the full message in the
text. All I found were little parts of it amongst other
subjects....The text actually says the date is 1999 in the
7th month and I can't find any mention of the city of york
or even the twin brothers.

I understand that I am looking at only one translation of
his texts....but I seriously doubt that I will find this
passage that I mentioned in any other translation. So,
just wanted to clarify that. End of the world or not---so
be it.....