2001-09-13 19:31:56 (UTC)


ok... this whole attack on amarica thing is weird 1st of
all i was sitting in school and the teacher turns on the tv
to show us what was hapeneing and the world trade centers
had been attacked AHHHH! well ne ways im in red lion pa
which i right in the middle of ny where 1 attack was dc
where another was and pisburg pa where another 1 was so i
was freaking out but then i came home and i turned n the
radio to a christian station and there like gos is coming
have no fear and so i listened to that and turned on the
news to find out that 2 other buldings had fallen well i
guess im boring u because u know all this but it was scary
and the 1st day its like omg omg omg and ur freaking out
and the 2nd day its like normal ne ways there is this girl
in my home room her name is brit and her whole family was
in ny and her uncle was on 1 of the planes her uncle was
killed but her familey is ok and to top it off shes all
alone from mon- fri so she wont sleep
well i g2g luv yall