apfel diary
2003-01-21 04:13:44 (UTC)

super tired

yesterday, there are so many patient in my clinic. i was
super busy. as you know, i had to pick medicine for
them,registered for them and charge them money etc. my
hands had never stopped. so that i stood for a long time
there.sigh..i would make a mistake when i was too busy at
work. as i said,it got so many patient there, and each of
them have got their own file. after i picked medicine to
them, i put their file aside as i had no time to do
others.carelessly,i put someone file into another patient's
file and i didnt know that. at last, i just knew that i
lost someone file. i found it for a long time and i was
scared. cos it is very important,all symptoms was written
on it.we cant lose it.dr would have scold me if i really
lost it.i prayed alot at that time. god bless i found it
out from a patient's file.thanks god! also, another
mistaken is...i forgot charge a patient money.i mean...i
just recieved the medicine,didnt get the medical fee. at
last, i was surprised that dr didnt check the money, and
she said that she trust me and believe i wont make any
mistake.god bless hehe...