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2001-09-13 19:12:42 (UTC)

later 'gator

Sep 13

Brad is getting clingy. He hangs out with me every lunch.
He comes to my locker after school... Im getting
uncomfortable again. Im nice to him, I dont let on that Im
annoyed. He wants to do something this weekend, I dont
really want to. Also, its not just his looks anymore, its a
bit of his personality. He is a complainer and.. I just dont
like him, K?
I went to Pizza Hut with Ned, Brad and Jenn today (the 4
vegetarians *l*). It was fun...
Hey, also! I got 80 on my calculus quiz. yay! I studdied
so hard for it though.. I really should have gotten a better
mark. But Im happy with it. I really want to do well! I
want to get into a good university program. Maybe.. do I? I
got 75% on the stupid bio quiz.. Im dissapointed! I should
have gotten 100%. ARG!


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