Epics of me
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2003-01-21 03:41:09 (UTC)

new poem.. i really dont like it but lemme know what ya think

watching the hands turn backwards,
feeling as if deja vu,
knowing what will happen,
im gonna change what i say to you,

is this a second chance,
a gift from above,
to right the wrong,
that i so callously made long ago,

i know what will happen,
ive seen this before,
i walk up to you,
more determined than before,

then as i open my mouth,
knowing that what i say will change,
my vision of you is blinded,
and it all turns white,

then my eyes open slightly,
to a lone sunbeam covering my face,
it was all just a dream,
thanx for the tease god.

i dunno ... its so so lemme know what ya think

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