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2003-01-21 02:41:24 (UTC)

good day... better tomorrows

For once i actually had a good day! Im not quite sure why
yet, but im not totally down today. I fell asleep in access
class again with my headphones on and my teach was givin me
the nastiest look an old guy like him could muster lol. And
proffesional developement is a joke, seriously though a
class for them to tell me they suck at finding jobs? What a
sham. Well anyways i didnt feel like goin to my nite class
WEEKEND!!! That is the best news in the world. Seriously it
should be a law that all parents have to leave their kids
alone for at least one weekend a month. It means so much
freedom its not funny, i can do w/e i want even if it means
walking around the house naked! lol grrrrrrrrr i gotta
remember to pay that dude for the tix lol. I emailed him
and he said its cool that i hafta wait for my check to
clear. I CANT WAIT TO GO NEXT MONTH!!!!! Hmmmmm mp3.com has
some decent bands on there, but its not as good as my fave
absolutepunk.net they rock when it comes to new bands.
Right now im catching up on my mcr songs hehe. I tried
drawing again ... but im totally out of practice i gotta
work on that. Amber totally got me back into my old writing
habits and i loooove her for it SPANX AMBER!!!!!!! I wrote
a new one so if ya read this lemme know what ya think.
adios for now.

holding this blade to my wrist
remembering every word
feeling so beaten and pissed
i still can't beleive what i heard...

feeling the skin part
the blood forms a design of some sick art
a trickle turns to a stream
as my vision blurs to a dream....

my vision returns from white and red
i come to realize
that this is just a temporary fix
all i know is ...
i need more

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