Life in the Making
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2001-09-13 17:28:35 (UTC)

What I think about god

Well, I had a bunch of responses to my "Screw God" entry. So I will
have to elaberate here. I do not believe in god. I believe in the spirit
of the moon who I call Serenity. Serenity just very well might be
another form of "god". I do not know. But I know that when I pray to
her, she helps me. I've asked her to help me. I am but her servant.
But she helps me. I prayed to her, I asked her, her to help bring
someone I loved back to me. And she did. She protected that
loved one. There are many other things I asked of her, and all have
been granted, either through my own mind, or by her will. I pray
only at night. At night when I can see the moon high up in the sky.
And, during the day, when Serenity can not be seen, I look toward
her brother, the sun, who I have given no name, for guidance. The
spirits of the stars guide me.

I know it sounds stupid, and some of you might even think I'm
insane or on crack, but this is what I believe. If you read my
orevious entry's, you'll notice I care nothing for the human
population. I think we all need to die. I do have compassion for
those who were left behind, who were taken from their loved ones,
but it had to happen to fate can resume its course. Death is a part
of life. Fates takes it and gives it as they please.

I have nothing more to say.