The UnEven Eye
2001-09-13 16:48:15 (UTC)


For the longest time. My eyes brighten to Micket.
That man makes me laugh. I've been yelled at for
laughing fits too. "My sudden Out bursts in class"-my
teachers kindly say.

Well boo ya. I don't give a fuck. Micket rules. Yea.
He amy be a perv. But he's Micket. Father. That man
you look to and I shall qoute. "An ass for all
time to remeber". *swirlves in his chair*

I think I will go back to ready, nad talking. Which I'm
not to fond of, but put up the front that I'm glad to
see everyone. Or I shall right a bit more. I think. Make
a long send for my journal. A poem. Yes a Poem. A
pretty poem.

As the night shines.
The heart soon whines.
The heart of crested lover.
Now soonly dies.
As I stand, Lone in this world.
I remeber you.
Do you remeber me?
Will you be there?
In the end. for me?
I will stay. Wakeful.
By your side.
Until. The eclispe of all Time.
^-- My poem. Not touchy with out my permission. Yea.
I got it saved and such. In a book of poerty too.
Hehe. People steals other works not mine. I suck at
writing you know. Oh well.

A little Longer I think.

I think today sucks. Yes. I want to do school work.
Talk to a few freind. be an annoyance. When arent I.?? I
want my parents to open their fucking eyes. See the
world. I'm no child any more.

I want Burger king too. I'm rather hungry. *looks for
cash* I will will go ask Micket for some food. * nod*
see you! Bye bye. Don't fall off a bridge and hit a
rock. hehe