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2003-01-21 01:04:49 (UTC)

Back Again

Well today was pretty good my best friend spent the night
and we didnt have school today. Im kind of mad because I
didnt get to spend anytime with Jamie this weekend. We were
going to do something tonight but i couldnt and that made
it worse. I had it all planed out; we were going to go to
the movies and afterwards I was going to ask her out, but
we didnt get to go, so I dont know when Ill ask her. Maybe
we can go do something this coming weekend and Ill ask her.
I know I can ask her one day at school but I would rather
ask her when its just me and her. I really like her, like
awhole hella lot. So I think this could end up being really
good. Well Im going to go, Ill write more in the future!