Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-01-21 01:00:07 (UTC)


On Saturday me, Michael, Sam and Kin went out. Kin was to
go back to Manchester on Sunday so it was a more of a
seeing off. We went to Greenwich to a noodle bar and had a
nice meal. Initially this was to be just seeing Kin before
he left, but as the night progress I learnt alot more about
my friends. After that we went to the pub and had some
drinks, chatted and had a really good time. Between friends
it was very intimate, everyone was incredibly open about
their feelings, how they felt, the best word to describe
that night was powerful. More revelations occured during
the night and when I thought I knew everything about my
friends it turns out i didn't. That night was partly
shocking for me, because there was things i didn't know
until that night, and I didn't expect to hear those things
that night. All in all it was a very eventful night but
also intimate and a goodbye to Kin.
As I came home I spoke to Brinks. We were talking about me
coming down there, places he would take me, nice walks etc.
He had been going out with someone called Kevin and he
thought me coming down would be awkward. You would think I
would be upset but I wasn't. I completely understand how he
feels and I respect his feelings about it. I didn't come
down there to have a relationship, I just wanted to see a
friend and really get to know him. If this happened a few
weeks ago I think I would have been more shaken and upset.
Maybe I've matured and grown up and to let go of myself a
bit more. Overall this Saturday has been quite dramatic and
powerful. Moral: Words are very powerful, especially
amongst the right people and the right time. Signing off,