Bitch Session
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2001-09-13 15:05:15 (UTC)

Get Over It

I dont know if I can. I dont know if WE can. Our pattern
sems to be getting worse and not better. We have fights
that are so incredibly worse than the one before. The
latest wa over something so small. Yet I sat
here watching him seething at me, full of hatred, incapable
of listening or at all willing to give to try to
compromise. What's up with that??? He says I'm the one
who cant ever seem to let it go yet he's the one who brings
it up again...and again, days later. Yes, we can get over
it, and perhaps already have. But I have to wonder if each
time we go through an argument so severe and such bitter
and hateful words are spoken if we lose a little love for
each other. And 95 times out of 100 this fucking computer
is somehow involved in the struggle. I'd gladly get rid of
it! That's the point I came to in this most recent
struggle again. I had turned it off and was ready to unplug
and dismantle it, for the sake of our relationship. I cant
continue to feel like I come second to a fucking COMPUTER!
I should not have to wait.....and wait...and wait again for
his attention while he does his computer thing. Yet my
demands are completely unreasonable.....??? And then the
whole sex thing is an issue involving the computer,
especially bad since I've started working nights. It's
supposed to be ok that we're having less sex while he
masturbates more? I have promised that it wouldnt be an
issue, that I wouldnt get pissed and cause an argument over
it. But if it interferes with our sex life together? Nope,
sorry, cant deal with that. That trend cannot continue.

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