Shellie Benellie

Me and My Life
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2003-01-20 23:19:35 (UTC)


Today I had to go to the doctors office to get checked on
and I have a lower respitory tract infection. go figure.
the good thing is I only have to take medicane for 4 more
days! We didn't get our couch today they forgot to put it
on the truck so we have to wait until tommorow to get it!
We have waited like a month for the couch and it was
suppose to be three days or less. I duno. I seem to say
that alot. So now I have nothing to sit on in my living
room. Oh well. . . I have come to realise that I do really
like Jon but I dont know what to say to him. I dont know
how to tell him I like him either. I think I should just be
straight forward and tell him. I really cant stand people
that ask you the same question over and over again. It
really bugs me. I finished my spanish project it took me
forever i couldnt find how to conagate some words and find
words in the dictonary. It looks really nice thought. I
tryed to find earings and a necklace to go with my dress
but it was very fusterating. I still have four day yet. I
watched a Beatiful Mind today it was sucha good movie. I
had to try to explain it to lonnie(my brother) but I don't
think he got what I was trying to say. Me and Suzanna set
up a account its so kewl. i duno wat eles to say
write now so later