Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-01-20 23:06:00 (UTC)

hey as usual

I have been working out, trying to get stronger and
healthier... I started (again) working out last week and as
of today in the last 5 days, I have only missed one day of
walking, and my time at walking has been getting better. I
am so proud of myself. I guess it helps when you have a
goal... is my goal realistic, probably not, but hey, you've
gotta have a goal. I want to get into shape, loose the
excess pounds and get my body looking better. Why you
ask? Because I'm sick of everytime I hang out with
friends, they get noticed and I don't... and plus, if I'm
moving to Vegas, I better get myself in better shape, not
for the partying, but because I probably will be working
as "all day standing" person in one of the many hotels, and
being able to stand for 8 hours is a very important thing
in those jobs. So the better the shape i'm in, the better
chances I will have on that kind of job.

Ok, I know, shallow and probably crazy, but hey, my plan is
earn a bunch of cash, move to Vegas, and be in better
shape... sorry not that important, but it is to me....

Well, off to watch Buffy!!!