oscar's can
2003-01-20 22:16:08 (UTC)

first diary entry

Ok, so I've never done anything like this before, but I
have a friend who has one, and it's quite interesting, so I
thought I would start one as well. If nothing else, it
will be a release. So I guess I'll just dive right in..

I have crazy friends. I have this one friend, whom we'll
just call "Carver" who likes to run away from
home...fequently. He thinks he has issues. He doesn't,
really...he just likes the attention. It's pretty sick.
He's also the person I lost my virginity to. That was
interesting. There were substances involved, and we had no
feelings for each other...we were just friends...and it
ended badly, as everyone said it would. Don't you just
have when "everyone" is right? It's the most discouraging
thing in the world.

Then there's Jessie, who's so cool that I'll use her real
name on here. She is, right now, my sanity. She's
awesome. A great friend.

Let's see, now we have "Patterson" (or Pat for short.)...he
likes my cousin. She likes him. Normally that would be
wonderful, but it's not in this case, because she lives 100
miles away. Poor Pat...he just can't handle it sometimes.
He gets played, and it sucks because he is quite possibly
the nicest person i know.

"Thelma" my dear dear Thelma..anal retentive and annoying
as hell, but a good friend none the less. She drives me

Then there's the cause of all my life's turmoil for the
last three months: "Ruthie". What a bitch/whore. She's
sleeping with a MARRIED 35 year old who has two kids, and,
of course, all of her problems are my fault. HA! There
will be future installments about her i'm sure.

And there's BuFo, my new friend whom I met at Theater Fest
in Champaigne (which i don't know how to spell.) He's so
cool. I feel horrible b/c at first he kind of scared
me...but he grew on me and we hung out a lot, and we like
all of the same stuff (it's strange)...and it's nice to
have someone to talk to who's maturity level exceeds that
of a poodle. And he compliments me. That's always nice.
He's pledging (or in charge of pledging...or something) for
his literary society this week, so I haven't talked to him
lately...but I'm sure he's having fun.

And those are pretty much all the important people in my