Mismatched thoughts of a Virgo
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2001-09-13 12:29:16 (UTC)

Fantasys and Headaches

Its 5am, actually 4 minutes till 5:20am but that wont
matter by the time im done. I'm brain dead and cant spell
but i wondered somthing...

I went to the bathroom the only room with a light on at
that moment other than the computer screen and my cat
followed me and as i watched her groom herself cause i
pissed her off by picking her up which she hates and when
shes pissed she grooms herself, but as i watched her i
wondered "How many girls wish they were cats so they could
lick between their legs and not get stuck that way."

So I came out here and logged on to write this and now the
room smells like cigaratte smoke because my grandfather is
smoking and theres a creepy looking lady in my text book
who just seems to scream "Im gonna hurt you with a knife"
but he sad lonley looking twin looks much nicer.

Ive done 4 chapters of homework tonight, and i have 12 more
chapters of this boring usless class to go before im done
for the week then i have about 30 more chapters to do
before im done with the class... AND for each unit i do
theres a project that i have to do with it to.

I dont want to do this class anymore, but i still want to
take French so im going to look into that this tuesday. If
i take courses it would be at RCC (Riverside Comunity
College). I would perfer to take classes to learn Japanese
but there is no where around here to teach it so if you
teach Japanese contact me! i dont have $40 to pay for the
teaching program...

Ahh... my head hurts now... cigrate smoke is evillll bah...

haha! I told you the time wouldnt be the same when i got
through to here, this article took me exactly 10 minutes to
write so now its 5:26am :p