The void
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2003-01-20 21:53:06 (UTC)

phew what a day

well well well! what a day! i had to get out of my nice
warm bed at 6:30am this morning and get the
stuffy,damp,packed bus with all the year sevens on my OWN.
then when i got to college i had my first IT key skills
lesson, they didn't teah me anything i didn't aleady know!
i'm on the internet enough i think i know how to use a
search engine! and so did every other fucker in that class!
why on gods green earth would they want to waste time
teaching us shit we already know?!aarrgghh.
then i had..wait for it...a...FIVE HOUR BREAK untill my
next lesson so me and sazene decided to go to bromey. we
had a look around and as i was walking past topshop i
noticed a belt that took my fancy.rainbow skater belt with
little white stars on it! RAINBOW! gay pride here i come!
so i bought it.yey.
it pissed down with rain and i have no money left on a more
annoying note.i bought some credit for my phone aswell and
tried to ring my boyfriend three times but he was asleep
and wasn't answering. i had a horrid feeling he was
avoiding me.but it seems my horrid feeling was wrong. thank
god.i just spoke to him actually he's ringing me at 10:30.
i can't wait, i missed him.
sazene lent me the old coldplay album, it's much better
than the new one but i still like them both.god i never
thought i'd see the day when i admit i'm a coldplay fan!
like the other one, it's a very mellow album, depressing
and just something to chill out to,. that's if you haven't
got anything worring to think about because it would just
make you cry then. i nearly cried on the bus actually while
i was listening to it on my discman.iv'e been stressed
about the amount of work i have to do for college and about
my 'friends' and i thought my man was avoiding me oh and
this fucking scan i have to ahve soon. trying not to think
about that though.
been feeling really ugly,plain and boring lately.i need a
haircut and some new clothes for the summer.need to
experiment with my make up too, try and figure out a new
shade that i have not yet discoverd.(highly unlikely).
kacey thinks the two guys from philosophy are gay! i call
them big ben and andy pandy so lucy said it sounded to her
like there's a puppet going out with a building! heehe i
found that amusing...guess you had to be, the 61
is the most perfect bus ever! (if there is such a thing
with london transport these days) it's purple and turquoise
with a touch of aubergine (can't spell) so nice colours,
the bell actually *dings!* properly and it's on time!
dear lord, the parents are argueing...again.i hate it when
they argue mainly because my dad's always wrong and won't
admit it and then i have to listen to mother droning on and
on about 'that mans short temper will be the death of him'
the joys of family life huh?