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2001-09-13 11:41:37 (UTC)

usa terrorisme...(poem)

i heard bang,
i saw smoke,
i cried cuz all the inicent that died,
i felt sorry,
for living in this horrible world,
where no sorry never will end,
i saw blood,
i heard screaming,
i saw confusing,

i wanted to escape from this world,
who can do such a thing,
who can kill,
with no feeling of guilt,
who can kill,
just cuz of need of something bigger..
who can kill my friends,my family,
who can kill all those people,and still keep on living.

i hate this world,
i wish i never was born,
it is so unfair,and there`s nothin we can to do change it,
not in the matter of so huge change that all will feel
happy to be alive,
not that there`s no war,
no fighting,
no starving...
we have no possibility to change so it really matters...
and that pisses me of...
we deserve better,
we deserve feeling worthy to live...

i lay tears on my pillow,
feeling sorry for all the things in the world,
that really not should have happend..

elisa(from norway)