Savage Garden
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2001-09-13 11:24:33 (UTC)

The aftermath of tragedy.

Thursday-September, 13th. 2001

I slept only 30 minutes last night. I couldn't shake the
images I have yet to share with you. From where I am sitting
and typing this I see nothing. What once stood there is now
gone. In a way it represents what each american is feeling.
The feeling of being safe has crumbled, as did the World
Trade Center buildings.

Last night I was watching the news. Seems they found 2 bombs
in the airport, which is walking distance from my house and
also they found a bomb in the Empire State building.

Have they not cuased enough damage? I am so out raged as I
type this! I can't bare anything else. Seems I will loose it
all very soon.

My boyfriend, { yes he's my boyfriend yet again. } was with
me all last night. He held me in his arms and for one breif
moment, everything seemed ok. I closed my eyes and just
peacefully fell asleep. But as I knew would happen, I woke
up crying.

And what I am about to share now might not be suited for
those already upset by what they've seen.

There he was, laying in the middle of the street, a elderly
woman knelt on the ground shaking him and telling him to get
up, that the second building was going to fall.

I do not know if that man was anyone she knew, but he was
dead. A giant hold right in his chest. On top of the dust,
which looked sort of like grayish snow, was covered in

People running around crying and screaming that they were
going to die and that they needed to find their kids and
loved ones.

The elderly woman shortly gave up on the young man and waked
off in silence. I was heartbroken right then and there. The
EMT's came rushing towards me, telling me to move from the

I did as told. On my way there were dead bodies and pieces
of people everywhere. For what seemed like an eternity I
walked and didn't stop. My direction was actually nowhere,
but I ended up at my house. In the arms of my mother.

My uncle is the cheif firefighter for Howard Beach and he
was on the scene. My mother was worried sick for my saftey,
knowing I was in the area of the blasts.


When I woke up today the radio station in which I ALWAYS
listen to was back to their normal state. Laughing and
telling jokes, but in their voices you can hear the hurt and
the fear. We are now being told when we leave the house to
have identification on us at ALL times. I respect that order
very much.

Someone said that...'At least it's sunny outside and our
hero's don't have to work in the dark. The sun being out
means there is still hope.' The only thing I have to argue
about is there is ALWAYS hope. Perhaps the sun is a sign
that everything will be ok and things will be brighter from
now on.

I keep going from one thing to another, I know, I know it's
annoying but I do apologize. I'm just very nervous, you
could say about just life in general now.

What amazes me is, even after all the fire and what not that
happened around Manhattan and it's beautiful buildings, if
you look, the American flag is still flying and standing
proudly, as a symbol of our love and our strength. For if we
all stand together, we'll stand strong.


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