Lil Ems

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2001-09-13 10:03:20 (UTC)

get down with the sickness

so its 5am. i cant sleep cuz i feel like shit. last
thursday i missed skool cuz i was just tired n stuff but
now im like OMG sick. its not cool. i caught it from my mom
i think. or alyssa-- i used her chap stick. i hope jason
doesnt get it. he probably wont, he never gets sick. i dont
think im gonna go to skool today either but i really cant
say either way. it depends on what my mom says.

i wasnt scared about the whole war thing until tonite. i
really wasnt. i mean i knew it was a big thing but i
seriously doubted anything would amount from it. jason,
however (who has always seemed to have a great sense of
politics), was telling me that it could be WWIII. of course
like everyone at skool had said it (students i mean) but
hearing him say it and him talkin bout actually BEING in
the war (i would miss him so much!) made me scared. i
wanted him to be here to hold my hand but that wasnt

people are interpreting this as nostradaumus stuff. i dont
think the world will literally end. that wont happen till
the sun hits in a few million years (p.s. dont u think we
should start developing plans now so that we could maybe
prevent that for the future generations?). i do think tho
that mankind is going to massively reset its history. if
ANYTHING, we're gonna go thru deevolution.

anyway i dont really feel like writing more right now.

associable quote:
"We will fight the heathens..."
system of a down

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