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2003-01-20 20:03:21 (UTC)

Don't Know Why

I love that song by Norah Jones "Don't Know Why." It's so
pretty! Missy Elliot has got an awesome CD too. I
love how she's so open and it's funny too. This is tomorrow and I'm not looking forward to
it at all. Finals are next week and then after that I go to
Utah!! I can't wait! Skiing, hanging with my cousins, checking out
the cuties, and doing some shopping of course.
=) Well, I'm gonna go...I might go hit trashcans to let out
my anger on other stuff. MWAHAHAHA!


Just had my dinner at 10:30pm. I got back from work and I didn't come
empty handed. My 3 bags from A&F, A*E, and Guess made it hard for me
to get through the door. I swear I have a problem...I have money and
my hand and it's gone 10 minutes later. I should never have a credit
card. lol. Well I'm outta here. 99!