Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
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2003-01-20 19:45:06 (UTC)

...You're such a delicate boy...caught in a hysterical world...

Spent the weekend working again. Yesterday I was the only
one at the office, which majorly sucked. I'm moving this
up and coming weekend, which I guess I'm excited about.
I'm still really depressed about the mistakes I've made as
of late. I know you can't go back and stop yourself from
making those mistakes; but I do wish there were more things
I could do now to fix them, or at the very least make
myself feel better about them.

One good things actually happened to me this weekend. On
Saturday a guy at work, Jeff, invited me over to his place
to watch a couple of indie movies. Another guy from work
and his wife, and another friend of Jeff's rounded out the
group, and it was a pretty cool time. I hadn't gone out
and done something with a group of people in a long time,
and it felt good.

Jeff's place was pretty badass. It's on the outskirts of
Deep Ellum and has a badass view of downtown. The interior
was pretty sweet too, the kitchen had a island with a steel
pot rack hanging from the ceiling over it. There was also
a built-in desk in the kitchen and a stone fireplace in the
living room. You see, when you live In-da-ghetto like I
do, you're lucky to get doors that close. Anyways...