My life in a nutshell
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2003-01-20 18:44:18 (UTC)

Life goes on... and on....and on.... and on.....

Well, I know that I promised Ria an entry last night, but I
was way too tired, so here it is now! I've had the worst
couple of days now... and I'm not too happy about it.
The whole little rant I wrote last has been resolved for
the most part... I'm so glad that I have the greatest
friends! :-) Hopefully, that won't happen for a while
now... hopefully never again!
At work on Saturday, I got into big trouble that almost
cost me my job. I was too busy obsessing about the fact
that I really need to get a new job, that I kinda let a few
things slip by... well, actually, it's more like a lot of
stuff and the problem with this is, as much as I deserved
to get in trouble, it's not like I do that ever. So, I
wasn't in the best mood when I got home... almost wrecked
my diet by eating a bagel with cream cheese and not
counting it, but then my parents came home and saw what I
was eating and I had to count it. Good thing too, because
it whipped me back into shape... lol! Anyway, I'm starting
to look for a new job... don't know what kind of job I
would want and the only ones that I would like to have
probably have worse pay than what I'm currently getting....
that's not the whole point... and did I mention that I
really have to get out of my parent's house? :-)
Anyway, yesterday I went bowling with my parents. I almost
won the first game and was pretty calm, which is a nice
change. By the second and third games, I was my usual
competitive self. I blew the second game and the third, I
surprisingly came back and almost won that game too... it
was fun. Then my parents wanted to go see a movie and I
didn't want to, so they just went home... it's not like I
couldn't have taken the train home... I don't know about
them. I ended up watching the Golden Globes last night
instead of doing laundry... gotta stop turning into Mike...
scary! :-P LOL
Well, that pretty much brings me to now... after my
Humanities class and about to take some notes for Psyc
3351... Developmental Psyc class....
That's all for now. I could spaz about Mike's latest post,
but there's no use... I'm actually quite happy for him
being happy again in CompSci... well that one class
anyway... I look forward to his next post... just as long
as it doesn't involve more stories about vomit
projectiles.... lol... what a lovely thought to wake up to!
I also know that I had some weird dreams last night, but
can't remember what they were of.... oh well....


*My new theme song is Janet's Someone to Call My Lover... just heard
it on the radio and I so know how that is! :-)*

*another note.... I've been thinking about something for the longest
time.... should I switch my diary onto livejournal? Mike's got me
hooked on it and I like the look better anyway.... let me know....
I'll basically do this like a poll... since I really can't decide... *