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2001-09-13 05:11:20 (UTC)

Bombs, Planes and Automobiles

I my self am a religious person, though I dont beleive in
God/Allah/or any other god you want to set before me.
Anyway, My god can beat up your god any day. My gods name
is Leonard. He is about 5'11" with stringy long brown hair
and a go-T. He is really skinny but muscular. You can pray
to him if you want to but he wont do much for you. One time
I prayed to him: "Oh great and powerful Leonard! Im going
to smoke some weed!" and then I heard his booming voice
say "Aright man! Just dont bogart that hooter!" Another
time I prayed "Oh wise and potent Leonard, those guys
pissed me off... I want to beat em up!" and again his voice
echoed "I dont care man! Just dont git caught!" He is a
cool god. When your bored he comes and hangs out with you.
All he ever does is sit around, drink beer, watch tv, and
collect un-employment. And the best part of him being a god
is that when you die... There is no Heaven or Hell! You
just go to the living room, drink beer, watch tv, and
collect un-employment.

Oh yeah... this has nothing to do with bombs, planes or

Quote of the day : "Motherfucker ate my rag!"
Personal Philosophy of the day:
"The hell with the real world... Ill make my own!"