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2003-01-20 13:02:37 (UTC)

january 20

Its been so long since I have said how much I miss
robert..I miss you bud. Sorry bout everything thats been
bugging you, I know how it feels. I promise it will get
I went to Plum Crazy last night, it was fun. there were way
too many little kids there this time, but its alright..
Kaylee was there again..thats was fun. Shes a hottie. She
said that she would see me there next saturday...but i dont
know what next saturday is. I guess I will have to check it
out. I would rather go there and get my mind off some
problems than sit at home and dwell on them. Atleast there,
most people are real. Unlike my life, where they are two-
faced and have no respect for people's feelings.
Omar was also there. He tried to talk and dance with me
once, but I just turned around. He got the picture.
Im not sure what I want to do with my life anymore. I know
I want to move to somewhere warm. But I have to get some
money to get there first. sometimes I wish that I didnt
make my own decisions...that way, if it doesnt work out, I
have someone to blame. and I cant take it out on myself.
Im skipping school today to go to work..I dont care, I hate
Burke's class. He treats me like shit just because I am a
girl. He puts me on the shitty jobs like being up on the
roof and down in the basement, not anyway in between. Half
the time, he never tells me that we go on break, Id be down
in the basement working and he would forget about me. Hes
sexist and it bothers me.
Well, I have to go..I gotta jump in the shower. Love you