girl, interrupted
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2003-01-20 10:01:41 (UTC)

i am nothing

As I look around me and witness my world collapse beneath
my feet, I realise what I have become. I had so much, but
now I have nothing. I am nothing.

In the end everything shrivels away and leaves me standing
alone, cold and bare.

I was someone, but now I am no one.

That’s the way they wanted it to be. That’s the way, I
guess, it should be.

I once wanted to understand the world, the human race and
the way we behave. But now I do, and I’m fighting to erase
it from my mind. I hate the fact that I am part of this
race, this fucking stupid, ignorant, damaging species. I
want to do something about it, but until others take off
their rose tinted spectacles, I can do nothing. I am,
until then, entirely alone.

I must protect and save.
I must shelter their view that the world really is a
wonderful place.
I must nurture distorted hopes and dreams.
I must nod and smile, and pretend that I don’t know the

But the thing is, I do know the difference.

And it’s hard to survive as consciousness buried deep in
the dark earth…