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2003-01-20 08:31:38 (UTC)

Scratch this

"It's a new year, a new you," my girlfriend would remind
As simple as it sounds, the difficulty level of leaving last
year to start anew has reached a new high. That's okay.
Signs of growth. Who knew I'm still in the running for a
growth spurt? hah! I can still laugh at myself. I can still
laugh. It's as good a place as any to begin my year.

Back in school again, there is much I want to do. Best
attack is to start with babysteps, like wake up in the
morning. Studies show that people are more
productive during these hours. I will be more productive
during these hours. I will be morning chick with a
mission to succeed. I'm working on the new year's
resolution here, as in physically putting it in effect. I'll
take the stairs, eat something raw, and balance is key.
Atleast I've got it written down. I'll work on it in the

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