Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-09-13 04:33:57 (UTC)

Got so much to do... and so much fun with Nick... DO IT!

I got paid today at work! I was so FUCKING happy about it!
It is $137.47 for only 26 hours of work. I didn't work a
whole bunch, but it is still a pretty good size check. They
all have been good checks. I hate that I have to quit, but
I can't work there now. Once Jennifer is gone I have no
ride at all. I know my parents won't be able to do it. Plus
I would never ask them to do it in the first place. So my
last day is on the 20th. Oh well.

I have to cash my check tomorrow. I for one need to pay for
the college credit class, which is $105. Damn it all. I
think I might wait to pay that with my parents money lol. I
also have to buy my homecoming dress, and the stuff that
goes with it. I have to get my hair cut. I also want to dye
it cause my roots are showing BADLY!!!!! Its nasty I hate
it. grrrr Oh well shit happens. I also want to buy a few
more pants and maybe a few more cd's LOL. hehe I use my
money way too freaking fast LOL. Oh well. My mine my
life!!!! hehe You agree with me?!

Either way lol

School has been just FLYING BY! ITS CRAZY MAN!!! hehe LOL.
Tomorrow I also have a college get together interview from
7pm to about 8:30pm. All the in-state colleges in Colorado
are going to be at my school tomorrow. Cool huh?! hehe I am
happy about it. I really need to start worring about it
more. Got to get it all done soon. hehe.

I am so happy LOL. I haven't stopped smiling since...well
like a week or so ago. Nick... Its all Nick... =) Got good
news too. hehe I see him after school tomorrow at about 4pm
=) YES!!! You have no idea how much I hate not being able
to see him. Its so hard on me. I talk to him EVERYDAY ...
That I FREAKING LOVE!!!!!!! HE talks to me EVERYDAY! I
can't stop smiling. I am like the HAPPIEST person on this
planet hehe.

Well I'm going to shut up now LOL.

See ya!