My Diary
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2003-01-20 08:04:51 (UTC)

a bit of bad news...

well today was a good day i guess... well, it was good till
a few things happened that i didnt like all too well... i
dont know whats worse, having a torn ligament/muscle in the
knee, or having parents that refuse to listen to the truth
for u and totally not want to talk to u... ya know, fuck
it, im not gonna get into it about what happened between me
and my parents business, not like anybody cares ya know?
cause i been readin diaries and some ppl have been FINALLY
admitted that they dont care, lol, i think i started a
chain reaction when i stated i dont really care about net
drama, but anyways, yeah... my mom and i got into it
hardcore tonite, same with my dad and i to a degree, and i
also found out i might have a torn ligament/muscle in my
right knee... that really isnt good... if i have a torn
ligament/muscle in my knee then i cant hit state record,
its as simple as that... so yeah, im fucked majorly....
anyways, ima jam, ill update this again whenever, l8er

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