Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-01-20 07:46:27 (UTC)

Survey, this ones pretty good...

[Four beverages you drink frequently]

1. Pepsi.
2. Water.
3. Vodka.
4. Mr. Jones.

[Four TV shows you liked when you were a little kid]

1. Mork & Mindy
2. Cheers
3. Transformers
4. Dr. Who

[Four TV shows you like Now]

1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
2. Angel
3. West Wing
4. Farscape

[Four places to go in your area]

1. Cafes (like one per square block)
2. Cemetery.
3. Globe Cinema
4. Silver City Cinema's

[Four things to do when you're bored]

1. Surf the Net.
2. Read.
3. Think.
4. Sleep.

[Four things that never fail to cheer you up]

1. New Episodes of Buffy/Angel/Farscape.
2. A grrl smiling my way.
3. Writing.
4. Getting a new book.

[Four things you can't live without]

1. The Net.
2. Books.
3. Conversation.
4. Good Friends.

In Threes.

Three traits you're happy to possess:

1. Intuition.
2. Intelligence
3. Few Morals.

Three traits you're not so happy to possess:

1. Being fat.
2. Being an asshole
3. Being stuck

Three traits you wish you possessed:

1. Being suave
2. Being Thin
3. Being liked


Three ideal mental characteristics of a partner:

1. Intelligence.
2. Compassion/understanding...
3. Sense of humour.

Three ideal physical characteristics of a partner:

1. Beautiful eyes.
2. Nice Lips.
3. Sweet Taste

Three things your partner should know and understand about
1. I Love you, I need you, but sometimes I don't show it
2. Some times I need to be alone.
3. I am depressed most of the time,


Three things you've done and are proud of:

1. Being able to come out on top, even though I'm at the bottom
2. Never betrayed my principles
3. Still not on the streets.

Three things you've done and regret:

1. Broke up with a grrl I loved and still love
2. Not done better in school, fucking around instead
3. Being lazy

Three things you plan on doing:

1. Having fun.
2. Starting up my business.
3. Travelling.


Three people who have influenced you most (and how?):

1.Brian McKinnon, long story short... taught me the value of
writing, if nothing else.

2. Brian Marks, another short long story... showed me how to
use my brain to get ahead in life. although, if I ever listened to
him, I am sure I would've been a millionaire already..

3. .Anne McCaffrey, the books she wrote got me through

Two fictional characters you best relate to:

1. Jack Black, come on, the guy just screams me...

2. Ewen Mcgregor's character in Shallow Grave.

A Good piece of advice: Never let anyone stand in your way to
your dreams, your goals and your glass of pepsi.