My Life
2001-09-13 03:58:42 (UTC)

Life 9/12

Hi Diary,
Well, I'm new to this scene, but at least my thoughts are
semi private, away from my husband.
A little info about me... just got married in July, I'm 21
and in school studying Graphic Design.
What can I say, I married a great guy... but sometimes I
think I pick fights on purpose; maybe to see how far things
go. Like I said he's a great guy. Would never do any harm
to me and treats me like an angel. My mom even thinks he's
a sweetheart.
But there's a problem... he's not that great in bed. And
before we met, I was a wild thing, big sex drive.. now I'm
down to zilch. Let's just say he doesn't last long... and
we just don't make love quite as often as I would like. And
here's the part that hurts; he hasn't broken me in yet, and
I'm not sure when I want him to. So you can imagine how my
sex life is...
Deep down , I don't know what the hell I am doing. I would
never end our marriage... because I truly love him, and I
just simply do not believe in divorce, that will never
cross my mind. But I knew marrying him meant being with him
for the rest of my life, and if I didn't want that, I
wouldn't have married him.
Anyway... sometimes, I think I stress out way to much about
things and make a problem much bigger, or make a problem
out of it.
Well, thats all for today... Goodnight!