2001-09-13 03:52:47 (UTC)


About me of course; giving relief to your ears from whats
happening to our nation. Anyways, I am fine. almost 7 pounds
heavier now, im in the 3rd week of weight lifting, and, lets
just say i ache. But, im stronger i guess. I've been playing
my guitar a HELL of a lot lately. Writting songs, getting
better. Im making a band with some friends. So far its me on
guitar and prolly vocals, this freshman kid at nd named
chris on drums, and either allen from washington or some kid
from nd on bass. Chris and i are debating. Music might be
alot heavier than my awesome band reverie, but more punkish
metal related. Schools going. It's homecoming week, so its
fun. Being a senior is fun. Thats it, just fun. Anyways,
girlfriend is good, friends are good, im good. homecoming is
this weekend. im excited, only for our team. we should win,
its woodruff. we're ok this year. i'll be playin in the band
as usual (im a damn band geek) and i admit being a bando.
but yeah its fun. FUN FUN FUN. haha. well since im out of
it, i shall be going to bed. ADIOS