Squeeb's world
2001-09-13 03:45:45 (UTC)

One step too far

Ok, I am so very angry right now I can spit bullets! Because
of the tragic events in the States, the opening OHL games
hae been postponed. Fine, I respect that. I honour what
they're doing. However they go and reschedule the bloody
thing for Saturday. I have not missed an opening Petes game
for the past six years and now it looks like I will? I know
it sounds petty and all that in the light of the tragedy and
I'm sorry. However, I really wanted to go to this game. Kim
was gonna come with me and everything and even when we found
out that the game was cancelled it was ok. We thought they'd
just have the home opener next Thursday but noooo, they put
it on Saturday and Kim can't go and I'm so scared to go
because I don't want to be alone. I'm scared of S showing up
and I want to see him but I'm scared of my reaction if he's
there and I'll start blubbering all oer him because he's
alright and it'll be a dead giveaway of how much I love him
and I can't show that in front of his psycho girlfriend and
well, if Kim were there, I could control myself better. But
now they changed it all and I can't stop crying.
Oh yeah and another thing that saddens me too is the
whole thing about the Backstreet Boys. I know they're not my
#1 band anymore but I still love them very much and it
really hurts me to see them in pain. One of their crew was
on the first plane that hit the first tower and LeighAnne,
Brian's wife was supposed to be on that plane. I know I'm
not a big fan of Leigh's just cuz I'm extremely jealous and
Bri's my favourite and I love him so much but when I saw the
interiew with them today and I heard that, I immediately
burst into tears because I know how much she means to Bri
and I know how devastated he would be if anything happened
to her so... Yeah and then poor little baby Aaron Carter, I
feel so badly for him too. Nick said that Aaron was in tour
in NYC when this whole thing happened and actually saw the
explosions and stuff at the WTC from his hotel or whatever.
I'm sorry but that is just too much to handle for anyone let
alone a thirteen year old and then they drove straight home
to Florida and had to drive thru Washington to get there?
Double whammy. Poor kid.
Ok, I can't handle anymore so I'm signing off.

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