Place To Vent
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2003-01-20 06:04:40 (UTC)

So Glad It's a 3 day Weekend

Well, I've gotten over the fact that I'm never gonna have
the person I want so I'm forgetting any kind of puppy love
I had and move on...I should really focus on more important
things. :( It sucks though. But I will find
somebody...before Prom. lol. This weekend wasn't to bad.
Friday night I worked and got Ben and Jerry's with UYEN!
MMM Deeeeelicious!! Saturday I also worked and then went to
the Olive Garden with my sister. Today we spent all day
shopping for our Utah trip next month and I got a beanie,
scarf, and hat. I'm so accessorized. lol. And I work
tomorrow and I'm gonna go buy my jacket from Guess and a
cute baby blue sweater from American Eagle. Yes, I'm a
shopaholic. Arrrg. Hehe. I can't wait to get them! Anyway,
I've also gotten CD's. Simple Plan, Norah Jones, Missy
Elliot, Sum 41, and Good Charlotte. I burned Missy Elliot
but the others I DL from Kazaa and then burned them. I
saved myself lots of money so it's okay to go buy myself
clothes right? Ya man. Well, I gotta go. Somebody's IM'ing