I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2003-01-20 05:41:32 (UTC)

Lots Of Stuff

Well, first of all, Happy Birthday to Me! I'm 23 today.
It's offical. It's 12:01am on January 20th, 2003. If you
do the calculations, I was born in 1980.

Secondly, I got a different promotion than I had expected
at work. And that's official as well. I'm excited and
nervous. Basically, I'm the boss of all my friends. Which
will be odd, but I think overall they're happy for me, and
they don't want the job that I got. So I hope it works
out. Screw that, it will work out. So there!

This morning, 2 of the first customers in were girls that
I went to high school with. And middle school for that
matter. And what did I do? I hid. Yup. On the eve of my
23rd birthday, I hid like a child. You know how people say
you should be proud of yourself, and love yourself and
screw what other people think? Yeah, load of shit. I think
that everyone, in some way, shape, or form, cares. The
girls were the beautiful, popular, rich ones. I'm sure you
had the same type at your high school. I just didn't need
to explain why I was working in retail and what had been
going on in my life. So I hid. Bah.

To preface this story, you must know (if you haven't
figured it out already) I don't have the highest self-
esteem. I'm not gorgous, kinda pretty, and so on. Okay,
now, on with story. I really like this guy at work.
However, he is involved in a long distance relationship
with his girlfriend. She came to visit this week. He
brought her in today. And I must say, that I think I am
way better looking than she is. Wow! I mean really. I'm
sure she's very nice (but I don't like her on the
principle of things) however I still think I'm much better
looking. And better for him. So there. But it felt good to
actually have that thought. :)

In conclusion to my life in paragraphs, I'm happy, things
are good, and I just have to convince school to let me
make things up because I had the Norwalk Virus. Yes, the
one from the cruise ships. I swear that I did! And it was
awful. I don't wish it on anyone. I really thought I was
going to die. Anyway, things are good. And I'm happy. And
life goes on...