random mumblings
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2001-09-13 03:27:51 (UTC)

if there's one thing i miss...

...it's posting on usenet. on a non-basketball forum i was
in, some 15 year old moron posted about how "jordan rules
and he has better numbers than anyone and is the greatest
winner either". that my friends is the nba/nbc marketing
machine at its best. i'm not going to rehash my opinions
on jordon here, but anyone who thinks that jordon is the
greatest, please look at magic johnson...or wilt
chamberlain...or bill russell...or oscar robertson...or
dare i say it...larry joe bird. jordon=overrated. so the
ratings came out...i'm up at 1302..and kirk is down at 998
or something...he's gonna be pissed. i'm on a basketball
kick because i left work early and went to hooters for some
wings :) (i'm bad) and they had RAPTORS TV on...they had
the vince carter charity all-star game on...that boy's hops
are sickening...i may even become a vince carter fan. then
they had a classic game on...playoffs between portland and
dallas first round 1985. i swear to god that dallas team
could've beat the 90s bulls (maybe not but hear me
out)...derek harper, rolando blackman, dale ellis, sam
perkins, mark aguirre, and those are just the guys i
recognized...they could put some points up on the board.