Nick's Journal
2003-01-20 05:24:24 (UTC)

More is better than Less

Now i'm not talking about weight here. blech. i
mean......ummmmmmm, i'm open-minded. what i'm talking
about here (get ready to gasp) is clothing. yes.... my
friends, clothing. specifically i'm talking about girls
wearing clothing. now first and foremost there will be the
outcry of what guy wants a girl to wear MORE clothing?
a gay one that's what kind of guy.........
well i'm not gay, i'm pretty sure. phew. saved.
but let me postulate my theory as to why it's better.
first of all it takes more skill. anyone can wear some
dumb ass jean short and a t-shirt (which is the prevalent
style in the summer). and i mean ANYONE. including 350 lb.
women who have legs the size of montana. i mean there's
really nothing to it. and come on guys, is it about the
skin? go on the internet. you can find naked girls all
over the place!!! no worry of having them catching yo ulook
at them. i mean give me a break, i know we guys cant be
that desperate for a peek of skin.
now in the winter you can truly discern the girls who
have "style" and those that look like they just take a shit
and smear themselves with it. i know it seems like
a "superficial" way to look at people but hey, yo have to
admit it's nice to see a girl that can put colors
together. there's just something about someone who dresses
nicely that makes them something.........more in my eyes.
it's really odd, and i know that the prevalent view in
america is "sweat pants, and give up on life". yet there's
something to be said about people that give that little bit
of extra effort. who put on the make up. who wear nice
clothing (and no it doesn't cost a lot to look
nice......that's just a popular myth distributed by the
i always hear girls going off on other girls that "do too
much". but i just think that those girls feel threatened
about their own attractiveness when they see others
exerting mroe effort. it's sorta like when i make fun of
guys that take of their shirts. i guess i'm secretly
really threatened by them, shit i'll admit that. i guess
i'm just insecure, and i refuse to believe that girls don't
feel that way about other girls that dresss nicely.
it's sorta like when conversationg is going down hill
people frequently say "boy i'm tired" oh bull shit. you
just are self concious. so i belive that when girls make
fun of those that put any effort into themselves they're
just trying to ratonalize their own laziness.
Basically this is something i argue with juliann about (she
has my opposing view.......naturally :-)). and cos she's
not here she can't directly argue me ;-). ooooooooooo.