My So Called Life
2003-01-20 05:23:30 (UTC)

This Day Was Nuts

Ok today was by far the most akward day ever!! Sara,
Meghan, and I went to see "Just Married." It was
hilarious. I think Sara almost pissed her britches. Then to make
everything Hunky-dory we being the hungry little girls we are, we got
the bright idea to grab some McDonalds...ya know the only one in
town that's open at 11:30. So we walk in order our food and what do
you know...suprise, suprise...whose behind the counter fixing our
burgers...none other than Brad Dargavell. As everyone already knows
Brad and I...well to make a long story short he hates me. He'd
rather pour a vat of hot grease from his place of employment over his
head than look me fix my hamburger...And as I was chewing on the big
greasy, cheesy burger...I thought, hmmm.. This burger tastes rather
odd, 'bout that time I look over Sara was checking her food for
spit. Then I started thinking oh well nothing I've never tasted
before. Me being the better person, I enjoyed the rest of my meal,
without vomitting I might add. Then once we were stuffed we fired up
my lambroghini and headed on home. Lesson learned: There's a fine
line between love and hate. 'Nuff said. Nighty-Nite.