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2001-09-13 03:20:31 (UTC)


9/12/01 11:10 pm

Ryan and I were supposed to hang out today but we couldn't
because all of the roads nearby are supposedly closed. So I
sat around and did some homework, not my essay of course,
and waited for him to call. I'm such a dork, I'm in college
and all I do is wait for Ryan to call me. Anyway, today he
doesn't have work so he should be around to call me. He
said he'd call after like 3 or 4. I took this to mean
sometime relatively soon after 3 or 4 not 11 or 12. So I'm
still up waiting for him to call and pissed cause I missed
my day of getting some with him and spending some time
alone with him, without the guilt of a roommate. So I'm
still up waiting for him to call and all bored and somewhat
lonely and wanting some. I get to just wait until he calls.
His cell phone has either been off or dead for like 8
hours. I feel bad that I keep calling cause its like I
check up on him and I don't want him to think I'm overly
possesive or whatever. At least I got things straightened
out with Chris and we've agreed to never talk about last
night again.
Ew things with Becky aren't much better, she slept for
hours today while I did work, it annoys me that she's so
lazy. I don't know why it does though casue I shouldn't
care if she doesn't get work done.
I'm still a tired little bunny but at least right now I'm
not running from being put into someone's soup.
I know, I'm a dork


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