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2003-01-20 05:08:52 (UTC)

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ....

me again.... why are people such dicks? i can't stand some
people. i just dont understand people at all. and i prolly
never will. the only thing that actually calms me is
writing down crappy poems and stuff on the paper in my
binder. and now this too!!! but anyways my day tomorrow is
gonna suck sooooooooo bad i have school for like 12
hours... then i have work at 5am but its okay cuz tuesday
night will make up for it. i sooooo can't wait till the
finch concert .... im gonna freakin go ballistic!!! hmmm...
i kinda have a little part of a poem goin here but i can't
finish it...
"im glad im not perfect,
im glad i dont fit your mold,
your so perfect,
or thats what ive been told.
if your what perfect is,
i think id rather be shot,
the guys all pat you,
the girls all swoon.
if your whats perfect,
then im glad im not,
if somebody wanted me to be,
i think id rather dig my heart out with a spoon." YAY hehe

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