Living on love
2001-09-13 03:13:23 (UTC)

Sleepless, restless, hurt & scared.

My first sleepless night. I can't sleep and I can't set my
mind off you. Are you sound asleep now. having sweet
dreams? Sure hope so, cause what I'm going through no one
should. I find myself thinking back trying to find reasons
for you to leave me, looking for something to blame and
tell me that I'm this terrible person to live with. I've
done things that I shouldn't have done, but none of them
were so ugly and none of them could really be the reason.
I'm only human and I'm still learning and still growing
into life. You've always been the man of my dreams, even
thouh you too have done things that really hurt my
feelings, but maybe it's because I've always talked about
it. You know when I'm hurt, but di I know wehn I hurt you?
At times I can guess, but baby I don't know what's going on
really deep inside you. Is it that hard to just tell me
what you want and what you need? Is it? I never condemned
you, how can I, when I know that I'm not perfect either?
We're both learning, we're both living a life that we have
to built ourselves. I feel condemned into a person that is
not worh sharing your life with, because I don't live up to
your expectations. Well, guess what? Maybe if you tell me
with what your expectations are I can even surpass them. I
thought I really could make you happy and at times I
believed that I truly did, so did I? Hace I never
succeeded? Do you only remember the times I didn't? What
about the lovelt times we had, doesn't they mean something?
I can only remember the nice once, the once filled with
hurt I bury. You can either chose to regret that the rose
has thorns or rejoice that thorns have a beautiful rose as
a flower.... I sure do the last! Why can't you do too?
Don't you know that you'll never find someone to love you
more than I do? It's just impossible, I would give anything
to make you happy, if you'd only help me out. Talk to me,
ask me, ask me, ask me, try me...if you don't believe I
can...put me to the test, I will pass for sure. Do
something, don't run away when things get
forgive in the extension of your love.... And I love you
more than life itself.... Remember and please think!!!


Listen carefully to your heart, it whispers.....